We at Westford strive to offer cutting edge state of art quality services of various kinds to our customers.

Some of the prominent among them are detailed below:


It’s a well known fact that in many a situations the factories godowns and other risks are not properly/adequately covered , and mostly its discovered after some loss has happened . Our team of experts help in analysing your risk and suggest.

  • The best and proper insurance covers for you.
  • Analyse all your present policies and suggest what better can be done from ALL angles.


Visualise a couple scenarios

Your loved one has just come back from Hospital after a debilitating illness , everybody is happy . Now you put up your Insurance claim – the claim is rejected /reduced due to some clauses in the policy or some document was not the way it should be.

The second scene – There is a fire in your factory, the factory which you have built with your sweat and blood , and you suffer a loss of say 70 lacs , survey happens , documents submitted . But finally you find that the claim is rejected or reduced by a big amount . WHY because you have not been able to submit proper documents.

In both the cases its not your fault . In most of the cases the Insurance policy wordings are still very legal and archaic and then there is always the omnipresent * .

This is where Westford comes in , we are Technical broker who have professionals of all hues in our rolls – from Engineers to CAs to Lawyers to Doctor

We will handle your Insurance claim , be it a Fire Claim or a Hospitalisation one , and ensure that you get what is due to you.

Risk Management

Once we do the basic gap analysis and policy audit, we plan for the risk management studies , We believe that risk management is a very important activity , Insurance is a subset of risk management , a proper risk management regime not only makes a plant safe , it helps in reducing cost and avoid claims.

Based on the type of Industry we suggest the specific study, of course some studies like Thermography may be common for all industries , studies like energy audit, fire safety audit, LOPA, HAZOP may also be suggested.

Our Friendly Team is here to Help

If you would like more information about WESTFORD, request a call back and a member of our team will be in contact at a time convenient for you.

Claim Support System

Its often said that "The Insurance Industry's main focus has to be claim settlement , rest all is incidental "

Insurance Briefing Sessions

If desired by the corporates , we also provide services towards briefing sessions in Insurance & related matters to our clients and their staff.

Insurance for Staff of Corporates

We provide on site support for the personal insurances for the staff of our corporate clients.