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life insurance


A Term Life Insurance policy that offers financial protection to your family in case something happens to you. In your absence, the life insurance policy would provide a substantial sum assured to your family to help them stay financially independent.

No claim discounts are available on renewal of policy,
ranging from 20% to 50%

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Why Should You Buy Term Insurance Plan?

Term insurance plan in India bought early incur low premium charges. Moreover, the term plan does not include any waiting period clause which means that one is covered from the day of paying the first premium amount. Life’s uncertainties may manifest themselves as chronic disorders or sudden accidents leading to permanent disability or death. It is important to secure cover that helps your loved ones face the hurdles of life with essential financial support. If you have started working, it is important that you consider the idea to create additional financial support apart from your daily savings for your dependents. Buying a term plan is the best way to allocate a small part of your earnings towards availing prolonged monetary protection to family members dependent on your income.

Providing Much-Needed Protection to Your Dependents

A Stress-Free Future
Tax Saving

  • Low Premiums for High Sum Assured
  • Assured Death Benefits
  • Rider Options
  • Premium Paying Flexibility
  • Return of Premiums Option